The "Co-op" provides special education services and support to eligible students with educational disabilities in Dubois, Spencer, Perry and Pike Counties in Indiana.

Students are provided specially designed instruction in their local schools in the Least Restrictive Environment.


Submission of a "Referral for Initial Educational Evaluation" starts the process of determining whether the student meets the eligibility criteria for special education.

This referral for services may be initiated by the school or the student's parents or guardian. Information on the student referral process is available through local schools or from the Co-op offices.


Eligibility is determined by the student's Case Conference Committee (CCC) based on assessment data and criteria for educational disabilities specified in Indiana's state regulations for special education.


Participants in the CCC include the student's parent(s), general education teacher(s), special education teacher(s) and a representative of the school (such as the principal).

A school psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, the student and others may also be a part of the CCC depending on the needs of the student.


The CCC also determines the educational needs of eligible students.

Using Indiana IEP, the CCC then develops an Individual Education Program (IEP) and establishes specific goals, objectives and accommodations to help meet those needs.





Dubois and Pike Counties

Pamela Bell, Director; The Exceptional Children's Co-op; 1520 Saint Charles St., Suite 2; Jasper, IN 47546; 812.482.6661, FAX:812.482.9381


Spencer and Perry Counties

Pamela Bell, Director; The Exceptional Children's Co-op; Room 15; 319 S. Fifth Street; Rockport, IN 47635; 812.649.9991, FAX:812.649.9997


Email: pambell at


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